Pulley lagging model selection in cement plant III

Pulley lagging model selection in cement plant

Part III  Pulley lagging in powder workshop

There are many conveyor lines in the powder workshop of the cement plant, which are characterized by short distances (within 200 meters), high slopes (inclination ≥10°), and the conveyor belts are easy to age. The model selection of the pulley lagging should consider the solution of the above-mentioned working conditions.

For drive pulley, we recommend ceramic SLIDE® lagging, SLIDE® lagging, and DCCD® cold-bonding ceramic rubber lagging. We have introduced the specifications of the first two types in previous articles. Its excellent anti-slip performance can solve the problem of conveyor belt slipping.

The DCCD® cold-bonding ceramic rubber lagging with 39% ceramic coverage, can maximize the friction of the pulley surface and solve the problem of belt slippage. However, 70% of the conveyor line of the powder workshop is in an open-air environment. Rain and water in the bulk material are a test for the rubber lagging cold bonding process. The sealing process is the key for determining the cold bonding quality of the pulley lagging.

DCCD® AB sealing glue can provide the best sealing care for cold bonding rubber lagging. AB sealing glue is mixed by a glue gun and quickly self-cooked within one hour. With the cement, the AB sealing glue is integrated with the cold bonding rubber lagging, can effectively prevent water  and dust penetrates into the adhesive layer of the rubber lagging, greatly improving the safety of cold bonding.

In addition, the short-distance conveyor has the highest number of turns of the conveyor belt, so the wear of the conveyor belt is the largest, and the deviation of the conveyor belt due to aging often occurs. For this purpose, the SLIDE® lagging has developed a crown type SLIDE® lagging. With a high middle and low ends shape, the problem of conveyor belt deviation is effectively solved.



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