R & D Center

Research and Development Center

The core technology of rubber products always comes from R & D ability. Our path to development has no end.

Precise heat vulcanization technology
With inspection equipment such as vulcameter, the time and temperature of heat vulcanization when produce rubber as different rubber compounds can produce the best cross-linking reaction in the process of rubber heat vulcanization, besides, it can also maximize the potential of wear-resisting, strength, tensile and corrosion resistance of rubber.

Rubber wear-resisting technology
Make rubber a certain high wear-resisting effect and prolong product life by improving the formula of neoprene, chemigum and butadiene styrene rubber.

Rubber painting technology
The rubber performance enhancer produces physical reaction through centrifugal spraying equipment. And after entering the rubber, it will improve rubber molecules and enhance the rubber wear resistance and strength. This technology is a global initiative by Hongxin company.

Rubber compounding bank
Possess the same number of successful rubber formula, Hongxin rubber company has provided thousands of kinds of rubber products for customers, furthermore, it can provide more comprehensive rubber products. At present, high - wear-resistant, acid - resistant, high - temperature resistant, low - temperature resistant, oil - resistant and other high - quality products are stably running all over the world.